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Fannie Mae has a program called HomePath, which offers subprime-era terms for buyers: minimal down payments, no appraisals, no mortgage insurance and lower minimum credit scores.

In some cases this is a GREAT deal for buyers, sometimes not. Nevertheless buyers should keep an eye out for these types of opportunities, not only as a personal residence but for rental properties too.

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John Burns, a housing analyst, is predicting that homeownership will continue to decline in the US, from a peak of 68%, to 62% or lower.

I have been saying that I believe the bottom of the market is behind us, at least here in Denver. However, I also don’t see anything pushing prices up, either. The only thing that pushes prices up, besides inflation, is demand. And, according to Burns, demand at least as measured by percentage of the population owning their own home, will likely decrease.

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